Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Moved to LA!

As an international student, I am now living in downtown LA. For the last  few months, I have been preparing the big move. I have to travel to the other side of the world alone, pack up my whole life into two big luggage and one carry-on. The journey is amazing, yet terrifying! This is the first time I ever leave home, let alone live in a different country.

I choose to come to LA because I am more familiar with the culture in California (I've been here three times), but I soon realize coming here as a tourist is nowhere close as being a student. There are so many things I need to get use to. I have no friends and no family here. I am absolutely on my own.

The first week was the toughest. The school hasn't start yet, so I do not know anyone. I got my phone plan and bank account the next day I arrived. But, most of the time I stayed at the Airbnb, not knowing what to so or where to go. A week later, I moved in to my student housing, met my awesome roommate, started school and everything got better.

It's been a month now. And, I have met lots of friends here. Most of them are Taiwanese girls studying abroad like I am. But, I am open to meeting more people from the US, since I am here to experience the American culture. I appreciate the friends and roommates I got now, they are all so helpful and supportive. It makes my adjustment to the new life easier.

I am studying Graphic Design in Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. School is fun, life is cool. I really enjoy my time here so far. I will talk more about my school and my life here in LA. If you have any questions about FIDM or the Graphic Design major, feel free to leave a comment below!

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