Thursday, May 21, 2015

Exercise with Style

      When I exercise, I like to make sure I am in cute workout outfit. Although the style is not really the point of exercising, it does makes a fashion girl look forward to exercising. Here are some ideas on how to look stylish while working out.

Sports 3

Contrast Color: The easiest way to make casual wear look fashionable is to combine contrast colors. Blue and orange is one of my favorite color combination. The vibrant colors can really make people more energized. The Watch and sports bag are also great items to play with colors.

Sports 1

Pop of Color: If you prefer to wear black, you can use accessories to add a pop of color. You can wear this bright pink sports bra alone, or have it show through under the tank top. Wear a bright running shoes is also a good way to play with colors. 

Sports 2
Graphic Tee: A graphic tee is something everyone have in their closet, it's very comfortable and cute. Pair a tight yoga pants with the loose tee to look slender, and the pants makes it easy to move around. Wear a jacket if you go out for a jog at night so you won't catch a cold.

What's your favorite workout outfit?

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