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How to Clear Body Acne

How to clear body acne
      Many people suffer from the problem of body acne, mostly on the back. I used to have really bad back acne, and it really bothers me. I can't wear beautiful clothe with cut out design on the back, and I get very insecure to wear swimsuit. I tried many different ways to cure my body acne, and now, my back looks pretty much clear and smooth. There are still some white heads here and there, but everything is going so well, now, I can wear clothes that shows off my back. Here, I am going to share with you some tips on how I clear body acne, and some great products I recommend.
  1. Exfoliate:
    To me, what makes the most difference is exfoliating, because dead skin cells build up can cause clogged pores. Sometimes, I get lazy, but I like to use a scrub on my back every day. I know that not everybody can handle daily scrubbing, but you can exfoliate your back more often than you do for your face. The skin of our body is not as thin and sensitive as the skin of our face. So, I highly recommend you to exfoliate your back, or any other area that you suffer from acne. But, if you have a lot of swollen big pimples, use a milder product that does not hurt you.
  2. Hydrate:
    People who has acne or oily skin type may be intimidated by using moisturizer or lotion. But, it is very important to moisturize your skin no matter what skin type you are or what skin problem you have. Use a light moisturizer or lotion with mild and natural ingredient, do not irritate your skin further more with chemical products. You can also choose gel base products to hydrate your skin, apply a thin layer for the gel to absorb until it doesn’t leave any stickiness. If you really don't like to apply too much products on your back, a hydrating toner will also do its job.
  3. Clean pajamas:
    Pimple and acne is mainly caused by oil and bacteria mixed together. Change out your dirty clothes regularly, especially your pajamas. It's easy for us to think that pajamas are clean, since we don't wear it outside and we only wear it after shower. But, we also produce oil and sweat at night, the dirty pajamas can really build bacteria. At night, during sleep, we often lay our back against the pajamas all night. So, change out dirty clothes to keep your skin clear and free of bacteria.
Lush Aqua Mirabilis
      I like to use Aqua Mirabilis to exfoliate my skin. The scrub is very mild, and it also gives a bit of moisture. Use it regular can also help even out skin tone. I love how convenient it is, just rub it on damp skin for a while and rinse it off. It exfoliates and moisturize at the same time. Please read also my review on Aqua Marabilis body butter and how I use it to treat Karatosis Pilaris.
NeoStrata Lotion Plus
      For a moisturizers, I recommend using something that contains Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid to help renew and refine your skin. NeoStrata Lotion Plus is a very effective product. But, please make sure you are not allergic to these kinds of ingredients, and test it onto your wrist before you apply it.
Forever Aloe Activator
      If you prefer to use a toner only and keep your skin fresh, I recommend Aloe Activator from Forever Living Product. Aloe Vera helps heal skin problems, sooth irritation, and re-hydrate. Simply apply it with a cotton pad.

I hope you find this post helpful. What is your biggest skin concern?


  1. The one time I got acne on my back (it was during my pregnancy) LUSHs Mask of Magnaminty worked lovely.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Sounds great! I never used it on my body before. I will try it!

  3. This is soo useful to me. Thank you so much. I have acne on my back since forever and I'll give your method a try :)

    Btw I tagged you in my love/hate tag (it's on my blog) :)!

    Also, small piece of advice for your blog~ you should allow Disqus in mobile version. I forgot how to do it but you can google it. I'm browsing your blog on my phone right now and it showed the default blogger comments. Then I remembered you use Disqus so I had to click on "view on web version" and I can comment using Disqus. Just a little advice for ya ^^

    You're looking good there Lauren! I love that lipstick colour.

    Btw I nominated you in my love/hate tag (it's on my blog) :)!

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  4. Try it in the shower, it leaves a mess otherwise.

  5. Yes, I realized it just now! I used to have my Disqus in mobile view, but few days ago I customized my mobile template a little bit, I didn't realize it will effect my Disqus widget! Thank you for reminding me! I will work on it!

  6. Yes I got it fixed!
    Gosh, blogging and technology, haha.


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