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Meili Journey
Welcome to Meili Journey! My name is Vanessa Du!
This blog is intended for women who want to live a life they want, and fulfill their dream; women who likes to pamper themselves, and make themselves beautiful. People who read my blog can get a sister and a good friend to talk about anything. Wanna chat with me? Follow me on Twitter! I also share my personal life on Instagram!

"Meili" means "Beautiful" in Chinese. "Meili" to me is a lifestyle and attitude, it's how I want to view things. Life is beautiful, and the journey is the reward. This is a great place for you to learn positive and happy attitude to life, learn from other culture, get advices and tips about beauty, and learn to accept all kinds of beauty.

I write mainly about makeup, fashion, and life! You can find posts about beauty product reviews and book reviews, tips and advice about different things, different fashion looks I like, and I also like to post about organizing and planning. Follow me on Bloglovin’ to get updates for my latest post!

Vanessa Du
In the beginning of 2015, I decided to start a blog and share my thoughts on everything I am interested in. To me, this is a fun creative outlet, a way to meet like-minded people, and a way to put what's in my mind into words.

I have been very interested in beauty since I was a teenager. And, I started learning about beauty from the internet and magazines when I'm in college.
I got an official makeup artist licence in Taiwan when I'm 23 (I'm born in 1989).

I also love reading, knitting, painting, and planning. So, you might see some of these subjects in my posts. I am Taiwanese, but I blog in English to connect with people from all over the world. Since I might come from a different culture with you, I believe I can show you things in a different perspective. I am a graphic design student, and I am planning on studying in the US for a couple of years. So, I might be able to meet with some of you;) Do you want to have a friend to talk about beauty, fashion, and life? Chat with me in the comment section, and tweet me about anything! Also, feel free to connect with me on social media:

Meili Printables
I also got an Etsy shop called Meili Printables! As stated in the name, I sell a lot of beautifully designed downloadable printable. You can find things like inspirational quote, art d├ęcor, organization stuff for notebook and planner, and more! Here is a special gift for my blog readers: use this coupon code, BLOGREADER, for an 80% off discount! And, this is exclusive to all of you who reads my blog and read this About Me page. And, don’t forget to visit my shop!

Meili Printable on Etsy
I love you all! I have many plans for this blog and my Etsy store. Thank you for following me and be friends with me. Welcome and thanks again for visiting! 

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