Monday, January 26, 2015

REVIEW: Forever Aloe Heat Lotion- Foot Massage

Forever Aloe Heat Lotion
  • Cooling
  • Minty smell
  • Easy to rub
  • Well absorbed
  • Reduce stress

      The Aloe Heat Lotion from Forever Living Products is definitely one of the products I can't live without! Today, I'm going to tell you, why after a busy day, every modern people should have this Aloe Heat Lotion.

      Nowadays, people live a very busy and stressful life. Many has to sit all day, many has to stand all day, many has to run around. After work, all the tiredness and blood are focused at the feet, makes them very sore and swollen. In order to relax, you can take a foot bath or lay on the bed with legs lean on the wall. These are all very useful methods. But, none of them can replace "a foot massage with Aloe Heat Lotion".

      Every night, before I go to sleep, I will rub on some heat lotion, massage along the meridians, rub my calf to relax the muscle, focus on places that are extremely sore, and massage my feet as well. I am not a professional masseur, I just massage where I gets sore and stiff. Everyone should have this habit of massaging the calf and foot every night, to help blood circulation, and reduce all day's tiredness.

      The Aloe Heat Lotion uses stabilized aloe vera gel as base, help all the goods and helpful ingredients to absorb. And, natural mint to relax the muscle. After using this product, the breezy mint makes my legs lighter, reduce the weariness. The next morning, I feel like I'm literally walking on the cloud! Come and join me with this daily massage habit. Set all the stress to zero, rest well, and tomorrow is a new start!

Do you give yourself a massage regularly?

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