Tuesday, January 20, 2015

REVIEW: The Happiness Project

  • Audiobook
  • Easy read
  • Perfect for New Year's resolution
  • Inspiring

      I would definitely recommend this book to others. I've seen this book before, but never read it. Finally, I decided to purchase it because I am looking for more happiness and peacefulness in my life. And, I really like the idea for a one-year plan for the resolution. I think this book is perfect for people who wants to start a resolution (and keep it).

      What I like most about this book is that it is very close to our everyday life. The writer is a normal person, she is not in depression, and she have ordinary life problems like us. Her project of finding happiness doesn't include going abroad or starting a new life. This project is to put happiness into our everyday life, which is an idea I really like. Her personality is also very down to earth. There is no magic passageway to happiness, just a story of a normal person looking for it.

      This book is just talking about the authors resolution. She had a whole year-long plan, and something specific to work on every month. Her resolution is very different from mine since what makes other people happy doesn't always makes me happy. But, this book inspires me to start a Happiness Project of mine own. I want make a list of what to achieve every month, and do fun things that will make me really happy.
The audiobook version makes the experience even more relaxing. It's like a friend talking to me about her resolution plan and ask me to join the fun.I bought this book from Audible ←click to check out the audiobook version.

What book are you reading?

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