Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three LUSH Shampoo Bar Review

I recently when shopping at Lush, and got 3 of there shampoo bars. I haven't use all the shampoo bars, but I used most of them. And, all the ones I have tried lathers really well, a little goes a long way, very soothing without irritating my scalp. But, with different shampoo bar, there are different effect and benefits. In this post, I am reviewing these 3 bars I just purchased. 

I love using Lush shampoo bar. There are many benefits in these tiny solid shampoo. The fact that they are naked with no packaging, they are more eco friendly. It doesn't take much space while shipping, and there are no extra waste with the packaging. Also, many of the formulas are very natural with zero or little chemical. My scalp can be really sensitive and get itchy easily using drugstore shampoo. So, every since I try the more high-end natural ones, I can't go back to the cheaper ones. 

Jason and the Argan Oil: This is one of the newest in the collection, and I am very excited to try it for the first time. I haven't finish the whole one yet, but I think I am ready to review about it. This is a beautiful purple bar with a lovely rose scent to it. The Moroccan argan oil makes hair shiny and soft. I still use a conditioner after washing with this shampoo bar. And, it does everything it claims. Sadly the rose scent doesn't linger in the hair, but I like to keep the shampoo bar in my room for the smell.

Godiva: This yellow shampoo bar is the very first thing I have tried from Lush many years ago. I can still remember how excited I am to feel my scalp so clean and breezy. It has a strong jasmine and ilang ilang scent, every mature and sexy, and the scent lingers really well. This shampoo bar is special for it's conditioning butters. The shea butter leaves hair really soft and glossy. I have oily scalp and I think this shampoo bar is okay for me. But, you have extremely oily scalp, this may not be the best shampoo bar for you. 

Lullaby: This one is also new in the collection. I was so excited when I first see this one came out. I have sensitive scalp that gets red and blotchy somewhere. I can see it, but I can feel the itchiness. Since this one is aimed for sensitive scalp, I can't wait to give it a try. I understand irritation can be really hard to tame. So, I patiently wait till I finish one full bar to do the review. I don't thing my redness has recovered, but I can't blame Lullaby, the redness has stayed with me for many years. Lullaby is definitely soothing and not irritating at all. But, many of the shampoo bar does. Still, I like how this product makes my scalp clean, soothing, and make my hair soft as well. This bar has a soft lavender scent, but it doesn't linger in the hair. 

The way to use this product is really simple. All you have to do is rub it on your head like a soap. With the Lush shampoo bar, a little does go a long way. If you feel like it didn't lather up well, rinse off and wash again. It is hard for natural shampoo to lather if you have too much oil, dirt, or products in your hair. I also suggest that you take the bar outside of the bathroom and leave it dry. This way the shampoo bar can last you longer. 

What is your favorite shampoo so far?

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