Thursday, September 3, 2015

Be Productive With The 15 Minute Rule

      Do you have the problem finishing your to-do list? Do you often find yourself working on one thing whole day but neglect other important things? I like to plan my day with to-do list. But, I used to have problems finishing them. I sometimes spend too much time doing one particular thing, and left myself no time for other things. Then I found out a method to help me get things done more effectively. In this post, I am sharing with you my secret to be more productive and efficient.

      This secrete is to time 15 minutes on whatever task you are working on. After the timer goes off, you can put it down and take a rest for 15 minutes, or work on the next project on your to-do list. If there is something that takes more than 15 minutes to finish, plan what you need to do, and break the big project into smaller pieces. This can also help you go through the process faster. Another way of doing this is to simply set the timer for longer period of time. It is better if you set it to 30 minutes or 45 minutes, because it is harder to focus after a long time. 

There are a few reasons why timing your every work can get you more productive:
  1. By timing yourself, you won't waste your time wondering around. Sometimes a task is really simple that can be done in minutes, but you do it slowly when you are not under pressure. When there is only 15 minutes to work on the task, you will force yourself to focus on the important things. 
  2. It also prevents you from spending too much time on certain task. You may have 10 things on your to-list, spending 3 hours on one thing is not very efficient. If your goal is to get as much things done as possible, stop what your are working on when you are supposed to.
  3. When there is a task you don't really like, it is good to know that you only need to stick with it for 15 minutes.
  4. When you hit the start button on the timer, it's like you are in a game or a race. You can get energized immediately, and be completely focused. 
      I find this way of working have made my life a lot easier. I am working from home currently, writing my blog, working on my Etsy store, and preparing my school application. And, having a whole day to myself needs even more organizing. After using this 15 minute rule, I can get things done faster and now I became more productive.

Do you have any method to help you be productive?

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