Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Casual Look

Valentines Casual Look

Valentines Casual Look by vanessadu

      If you and your man are a casual couple, and you don't want to be all dressy going out, then try this casual chic look. 

Top: Wear a beautiful knitted nude top for a casual cozy style.

Pants: Add a little bit of flirt with a bright red skinny pants.

Shoes: For this special day, dress up and add some edge by wearing a pair of high heel ankle boots.

Coat: To make the look more playful and vibrant, add a bright colored coat.

Purse: Just choose your favorite bag that you take everyday.

Jewelry: Wear a pair of dangling earrings that have a cool design. You can put up your hair in a bun to show them, or hide under your curls.

      For your final advice, you may be very comfortable with each other, but don't forget to add a little surprise in your love life.


  1. The boots are stunning!! I need them so bad!
    Abbie xx


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