Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentines Flirty Look

Valentines Flirty Look

Valentines Flirty Look by vanessadu

      Valentines day is coming, still don't know what to wear? If you are a girly girl, and wants to show some flirtatious for your man, check out this look.

Dress: A bright pink color that shows a lot of curves. Really feminine and sexy, without showing too much skin. 

Purse: Guys love girls with a simple small purse. You don't want to go out dragging your big tote. Those will get in the way if he wants to hold you. Try have some fun by taking a purse that matches your dress' bright color. 

Shoes: We want the bright pink to pop, so wear a pair of nude pumps.

Trench: It's still cold in February, wear a khaki trench, then surprise him  when you take it off with the flirty dress.

Jewelry: The neck line for this dress gives a lot of space to show off your favorite necklace. However, I think it would be better to wear a simple and delicate necklace to make it simple. Play it up by layering jewelries on your wrist.

      Then all you have to do is to put on your flirty smile!


  1. Aww, the outfit looks so cute together!!
    Abbie x


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