Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Classic Look

Valentines Classic Look

Valentines Classic Look by vanessadu featuring a little black dress

      If your man is taking you to a fancy restaurant, better dress up in an elegant classy look. The key to achieve a classy look is to play it simple. 

Dress: A little black dress is always your best friend. Choose one with a simple design yet shows the most beautiful part of your body.

Shoes: A pair of pointed black stilettos always looks so sexy and sophisticated.

Purse: What's more classy than a Chanel purse? Invest one either white or black. Here, I choose white for a brighter, younger look.

Coat: It's cold outside, so wear a furry, luxurious coat over your sexy dress. Option for a faux fur coat to be more environmental friendly.

Jewelry: For jewelry, choose a classic statement necklace to pair with this simple dress. 

      Good luck on your special date!

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