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Skincare for Transitional Season

Skincare for Transitional Season

      Spring is coming, and the transitional season can make skin very sensitive. The skincare products that used to work, may suddenly doesn't work that will. For this time of the season, the best way is to use soothing and hydrating products. Here are some skincare I recommend for this time of the year.

      Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is a great way to use night time to rehydrate the skin. Most of the time, skin gets irritated because of the lack of water. Just apply the mask after your regular skincare routine, to lock all the moisture in. This natural mask is paraben free and sulfate free, perfect for sensitive skin.

      For daily moisturizer, I suggest something with SPF for protection, and contains soothing ingredient. The Aveeno Ultra-calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 is very useful. It saved me once when I had skin irritation.The feverfew ingredient can help soothe irritation and redness, while SPF protects the skin.

      One of my favorite moisturizer is Celestial from Lush. I like it because the formula is simpler, the price is the cheapest in their moisturizer line, and it is very soothing. The vanilla water and almond milk soothe the skin, and makes it smells delicious. Apply this moisturizer after spraying your favorite toner, it absorbs really fast and doesn't leave the skin greasy.

      Last but not the least, you can also use Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly as a moisturizer. When nothing else works, try this pure ingredient to prevent irritation. But, the petroleum jelly could be very thick and oily. I suggest to apply the petroleum jelly as a hand cream first, then press your palm onto your skin. This way you can transfer some of the products without getting too greasy.

      Don't worry if your skin condition gets a little bit weird during the transitional season. Just remember to hydrate, soothe, and use products with mild ingredients.

What is your favorite skincare for irritated skin?


  1. I recently got the Bouncy Hydrating Mask from TBS Drops of Youth line. It works similar to the Origins one, and I love it for this time of the year.

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  2. Heard good things about Origins Drink up mask, been meaning to try it, especially now since the cold weather is doing some damage to my skin.

  3. Give it a try! Things from Origins are really nice!

  4. It sounds like a great product! I will check it out:)

  5. They really do have nice products!

  6. The Origins Drink Up Intensive mask is so good for anytime of the year! :D I've recently done a review on this too because it is actually amazing! :D

    lovely post!


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  7. Awesome! I'll go check out your post!


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