Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TIP: Contour Like a Pro

      Makeup is like magic! It can change a person's feature, look, and even face shape. In this post I am going to tell you how to contour like a pro! This technique can help your features look more defined, and more sophisticated.

      Cheek: Locate your cheekbone by sucking in your face. Then apply the darker color in the hollow, apply lighter color on the high point. Remember, start the contour color from the outer edge for a more natural look. Also, you can light up the under eye area to plump up the face.

      Nose: For a higher and pointier nose, contour the side of your nose, and highlight your nose bridge. But, don't highlight the tip of your nose if you tend to have oily skin. It will intensify the look of oiliness.

      Forehead: To create a round and narrow forehead, contour the outer edge and highlight the center area.

      Chin and Lips: Apply some highlighter on your chin to elongate your face. And, highlight your cupids bow and the side of your lips for a sexy pout. 

      It is not necessary to use all the technique above. Everybody has different look and face shape. If you are already blessed with high nose bridge, you don't need to work on this feature. If you have thin face, you don't have to contour your cheeks, just a little highlight on the cheekbone will do. I personally have a long chin, so I never use highlighter to accentuate it. However, I like to spend some time on my nose to create a nose bridge.

      For beginners, it is easier to use cream products, just apply the contour and highlighter on your face, then blend well with a brush. If you are using powder products, use the contour first, apply highlighter, then put some color on the apples of your cheek. We put the blusher for last because we don't want the contour and highlight to change the blush shape.  
What is your favorite products for contour and highlight?


  1. Wow great tips
    I love contouring though it doesnt help me.
    Thanks for sharing

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  2. Haha I believe it still makes a difference!

  3. Aww, interesting post! I don't really wear much makeup so I have no idea what this is lol !!
    Abbie xx

    1. It's okay~ all you need to know is the basics then!

  4. I agree cream products are much easier for beginners but another thing I found that makes contouring really easy is a proper contour brush like the Zoeva Luxe Face Paint #109 (better than the Nars ITA brush IMO). Makes application precise and pretty much fool proof. Have you tried it? My favourite bronzing and contouring product at the moment is Nars Laguna. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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