Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mission Statement Builder

Mission Statement Builder by Franklin Covey
      I recently found this amazing website called Mission Statement Builder by Franklin Covey. Do you ever try to write down your mission statement or life goals, but there are so many things in your mind that you don't know where to start? Or, your mind is completely blank without any idea of what you want in your life? This website can help!

Mission Statement Builder
      In this website, you can start from choosing what kind of statement you want to build, personal, family or team. Then, you'll need to answer 10 interesting questions. These questions will guide you to find your purpose and your passion. If you need some time to think about the answer, it's okay. The site will save your progress and you can come back later.

My Mission Statement
      After you have answered all the questions, the website will generate the statement using the words you typed in. When you see the final statement, you can go back to edit the answers or correct some grammar error. As for me, I just copy paste the statement into my computer, and edit it myself. I even changed the format a little bit and add different colors. This is perfect for decorating your vision board. 

      People can change, and their mission and purpose may change throughout time. So, you can always go back and redo the questions again, and build a new mission statement. I really like the idea of making a mission statement, I even have a button to the website in my sidebar. This is not sponsored or affiliated in anyway. They provide the widget in their website for people to share. And, the service is completely free. So, go and try this fun Mission Statement Builder!

Have you ever thought about your purpose in life?

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  1. I did, but I figured it out the traditional way, including long nights talking to my husband or friends, crying, despair and maybe some wine. Was fun that way!

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