Friday, July 31, 2015

Love / Hate Tag

      I have got a special post for you today. I am doing the "Love/Hate Tag", I was tagged by the sweet Nana from Nicole's Notebook. Don't forget to visit her blog as well. I rarely share personal things on my blog, so I think it is a great opportunity for us to know each other a little bit better. The rule is simple, just list 10 things you hate, 10 things you love, and tag 10 people. 

      I love making list of things I love, 10 doesn't seems to be enough for me!
  1. Museums:
    Where I can see paintings, sculptures, and other historical or cultural things. 
  2. Soothing scents:
    Like rose, vanilla, lavender, and honey.
  3. Pastel and bright colors:
    You can see this by my previous fashion posts: "Pastel Spring Look" and "Coral Looks for Summer"
  4. Bookstores and coffee shop:
    Places where I can read and relax.
  5. Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate:
    My current favorite it the milk chocolate from Meiji.
  6. Traveling to another country:
    I love creating beautiful memories, and the things you see outside is priceless.
  7. Watch my boyfriend fishing:
    I love seeing him do things he loves or is passionate about.
  8. Drawing and painting:
    I love to draw with pen, and I am currently learning oil painting and pastel painting. Are  you an artsy girl as well?
  9. Bold lips makeup look:
    Bright red, orange, hot pink, etc. I wear bold makeup like this when I want to make a statement.
  10. Taiwanese food:
    Nothing beats the taste of home! There is a post on CNN about Taiwanese food recommendation: 40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without. My all time favorites are braised pork rice and beef noodles. 

      I don't really hate on many things, most of them are just specific situation that pisses me off. 
I HATE... 
  1. When people don't wait for the passengers to get down the train/metro before they get on: 
    Isn't this logical? Poeple needs to get out before you get in.
  2. Dirty dishes piled up in the sink:
    It looks even more stressful to do the cleaning once it piled up.
  3. Wearing the wrong clothes for the weather.
    This happens all the time during winter in Taiwan. When I wear a big coat it happens to be too hot outside. And, when I decided to go lighter it's way too cold.
  4. Ruined nail polishes:
    Usually it happens when I accidentally touch my freshly painted nails before it's fully dried.
  5. When there are no seats:
    Sometimes I would take my laptop out, planning to enjoy an afternoon at Starbucks, and found out the 3-floored Starbucks is completely packed.
  6. Passive aggressive comments:
    When someone leaves a passive aggressive comment to me, I feel really awkward and have no idea how to reply.
  7. When I bring my umbrella with me, and the sky just decided not to rain:
    And, I end up taking that umbrella with me for the day, it can be really inconvenient. 
  8. When I bought something and realize I fell into the commercial trap:
    Do you have similar experience like this? The sales persons has been saying all those good things, and you happen to be in a good mood. But, after a while you realize this is not actually a great deal.
  9. Bad hair day:
    Sometimes I would curl my hair but the humidity outside makes it straight immediately. 
  10. When all me pens are not working:
    This small thing can really get me irritated. I love writing with pens that glides on effortlessly.
I TAG...
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Ayah and Kimmy from  Embrace the Light
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Are there anything in particular that you hate or love? Tell me in the comment!

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