Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Meili Printable on Etsy
      I am very excited to make this announcement to you! I have been planning on opening a store on Etsy, and I finally did! The name of my store is "Meili Printables". If you have checked my "About Me" page, you may know that "meili" means "beautiful" in Mandarin. So, the name of the store basically means "Beautiful Printables"! 

      In my store, I have a lot of printable for home decor. Right now, most of them are inspirational quote or some motivation. They are perfect decorations to hang on the bedroom wall or in the office. These beautiful art work and inspiration can make your day! I will continually add more designs and add more variety of products. I am planning on designing things for planner, notebook, and other organizing stuff as well. 

      Everything in the Meili Printables are instant download digital items, there will be no physical products sent. There are a lot of benefits in digital products. Without shipping, there will be no additional energy and packaging wasted, people who purchase doesn't need to wait for the products to arrive. And, since you can print the design yourself, you can choose however you want to print it and how you want to present the art. As for planner and notebook, you can decide how you want to coil the pages or have them laminated. It's totally customizable!

      I really appreciate you for reading my blog and for supporting me all this time. In order to show my gratitude for all my readers, I have an exclusive coupon code for you. Please go visit my "About Me" page to obtain the 80% off coupon code. I will giveaway more free printable for my readers in the future. And, don't forget to visit my shop, feel free to give me any suggestion and critique here in the comment, or message me on Etsy. Thank you! I love you all!

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