Monday, July 20, 2015

REVIEW: Lush Ocean Salt

Lush Ocean Salt Review
      If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may already know that I am a believer of exfoliating. I think this is what makes the biggest difference in the skincare process. My favorite scrub of all time is Ocean Salt from Lush (yes, it's Lush again). I have repurchased this product multiple times, and I am here to tell you why I love this scrub so much. If you haven't try this yet, I hope this review can help you make a decision. 
Lush Ocean Salt
      The main ingredient of this product is sea salt, as you can tell by the name of it. It contains a combination of both coarse and fine sea salt to exfoliate effectively. Also contains avocado to add moisture. The cleansing effect of grapefruit, lime, and Vodka can help cleans the pores and brighten the skin. And, I love how this scrub smells like Margarita Lime, a perfect wake-me-up scent in the morning.

      Since the main scrubbing effect comes from the sea salt, I keep my face and hands dry when using this product, I don't want the salt to melt away too quickly. But, if you think it is a little too harsh, you can leave your face wet, to make the salt finer and milder. I get a decent amount onto my face, about a quarter size. Then, I gently massage my face with it, and pay more attention on my T-zone. 

Lush Ocean Salt
      The result is immediately! When I rinse it off, I can feel the oiliness of avocado butter. I rinse more to get it really clean. I can feel how my skin in instantly so smooth and clear, I get less blackhead with this product, and it really brightens up my skin, and evens out skin tone. 

      I like to use it in the morning, because the scent helps wake me up, and it helps my foundation to look more beautiful. I know how everybody is saying to only exfoliate once or twice a week, but I use it almost everyday (sometimes I get lazy). I have once learned from a dermatologist that dead skin cells build up everyday, so it is only logical for us to exfoliate daily for a smoother skin. I tried it and this method doesn't irritate my skin at all. I believe everybody's skin is different. You can experiment the best frequency for you to use an exfoliate, and see what works best for you. Check my older  post about my Lush Skincare Routine, to see how I use the with other beauty products.

What is your favorite exfoliater for your face?


  1. What a great post! I love Lush products especially the lip scrub! Thanks for sharing babe ;) xo Vivian
    IG // @twowardvivian

  2. I've never tried Lush products before, but I'll definitely be adding this to my first order! How long would you say the container lasts for you?

    Jessica ||

  3. Picked smaller container and use it for body - lasts not that much :( Recommend bigger container.

    Your skin care app -

  4. This looks great! I have a very poor skincare routine, so I would love to try this!

    Much Love |

  5. Thank you, Vivian! I love the lip scrub as well, they are yummy!
    Do you lick your lip scrub off or do you just wipe it?

  6. It depends on how often do you use it. I use it almost everyday with a decent amount, and I prefer to use it on my face only. The smaller container can last me 1~2 months, we don't have bigger container from where I live.
    You can visit your local Lush store and tell them your skin concern. They are very helpful!

  7. Great! You can use it for your body! Do you have back acne? The ocean salt works great for that.

  8. Awesome! What is your current skincare routine? You can build it up gradually.


Thank you for your love!

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