Thursday, May 14, 2015

NEW: Forever Essential Oils- Soothe

      I am very excited to see that Forever has launched a new essential oils collection. My friend nicely got it for me from Singapore, since it's not available in Taiwan yet. What I got is this minty and cooling oil blend in Soothe. In this post I will give a review about this product, and introduce the essential oils collection. 

      I always have been an essential oil lover. I think it is very important to choose essential oils from a trustworthy company that has great ingredients. Since we use aromatherapy to enhance our health and energy, we better make sure it's in good quality.   

      The collection is still small now, but it contains a few of the most used scents. There are 3 single notes, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, all very useful to soothe and refresh. There are also 3 oil blends that can use directly on the skin, Soothe, At Ease, and Defence. What I really like about the blends is that Soothe and At Ease comes in roller ball design, which is very convenient on the go. 

      The ingredient of Soothe are Wild Mint, Wintergreen, Camphor, Ylang Ylang, and Chamomile. It basically smells like mint and herb. It is very cooling without being overpowering. And, people can only smell it when they are really close to you. 

      I like to apply this on my temples and under my nose to waken up, on my sore shoulder to relax. I get really tense on my shoulders, so this really is very helpful. A fun way to use this product is to apply it on mosquito bites. Just use a teeny tiny bit on the irritated spot, and it will stop itching in no time. Another great way to use this is when someone is feeling bloated in the stomach. This happens once with my Mom, and I thought it's a good idea to try the essential oil blend, which works wonders and my Mom feels better almost instantly.

      To find out more informations about the Forever Essential Oils collection, please check out their product website. You can select your country to see if it's available there. 

Do you use essential oils?


Thank you for your love!

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