Friday, May 15, 2015

REVIEW: Lush Solid Perfume (Imogen Rose & Vanillary)

Lush Solid Perfume Review
      I love Lush solid perfume, I have tried many of them for many years. I love how the scent is more natural and more portable than spraying perfumes. Also, it contains less chemical, and is perfect for people who don't like alcohol. Lush have been trying different things in their perfume line, add new scents, change packaging, etc. I am going to review two solid perfumes I'm currently loving from their perfume line.

Lush Solid Perfume Vanillary
      The first one I am going to talk about is Vanillary. It was my signature scent when I am in college, which was in a smaller tin like Lush's lip balm tins. The new packaging is deeper, with a screwed lid to make it easier to open, and a cute illustration I love. This scent is a strong, sweet and woody vanilla. A little goes a long way, so make sure you apply this with light hand. I think this one is perfect for winter or a date night. And, I love how you can actually see small dots of vanilla seeds inside.

Lush Solid Perfume Imogen Rose
      Another product featuring here is Imogen Rose. It was one of the scents in the Gorilla Perfume line, and was in a black tube container similar to the Nars Multiple. Now, it's in the same new packaging which I think is much cuter. Every company makes different rose. And, the Imogen Rose is inspired by the owner's daughter, so it's a younger version of rose. It is very soft, warm and sweet, with a hint of baby powder. The rose scent is stronger at the beginning, but then blend in with the powdery scent. This one is lighter than Vanillary, so I tend to apply more. I am wearing this everyday because I think it's perfect for the season. I have featured this product in an older post: Products to Welcome the Lovely Spring

      I apply them on the inside of my wrists, and the side of my neck. And, I take the tin with me to touch up during the day. Solid perfume doesn't last as long as regular perfume, but they are so easy to carry around in a makeup bag. Also, you won't make the whole room smells like your perfume when you re-apply. 

What is your current favorite perfume? Solid or not. Please leave a comment below to tell me. 

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