Sunday, May 17, 2015

What's in My Bag

What's in My Bag
      I find that you can find a lot about someone through what they carry in their bag, and I've always enjoyed watching Youtube video about this. My bag has been pretty organised lately, so I thought it's a good time to share with you what's inside. I used to carry heavy bags with lots of unnecessary stuffs. But, now I enjoy a lighter tidier bag with me. Let's take a look at my bag to begin with.

Salad Leather Bag
      My bag is from Salad, a brand in Taiwan that creates lots of awesome bags, purses, wallets, and clothings. Their products comes very pricy, but I caught them on a discount once and went on a shopping spree. I've carried this bag for quite a while. The style and color can really goes with anything. I love how it's smaller than regular tote bag, but there are quite a lot of space to store things. And, there are many useful side pockets.

What's in My Bag
      Here's everything in my bag. The wallet is from Salad as well, I bought them on the same day. I love this specific type of wallet, brown leather, long, and zipper that goes around. Everytime when I need to get a new wallet, I buy one with similar design like this. I tend to keep things I use daily simple looking. I also got my phone, my keys, and a transparent pouch to store other random stuffs. 

      I used to use the built in pockets of my bag to organize things, but then I got the idea of putting everything together in a small bag. This zip locked pouch is clear with no pockets, so it's pretty easy to locate things. I got it from MUJI. Also, as you may already realized, I don't carry a makeup bag with me. I used to do so with a huge heavy makeup bag, but then I got comfortable to not keeping my makeup perfect all the time. All I need is a lip color to touch up after I eat. 

What's in My Transparent Pouch
     I will go through the random stuffs left to right, top to bottom. I have a piece of paper with me in case I needed writing, a pencil, a blue pen, and a red color pencil. I have my USB with cute hangings and without a cap. A pack of chewing gum to keep my breath fresh, and it claims to do a bit cleansing. I got my essential oil roller ball in Soothe, it's very useful on-the-go. Also, the Nyx Chunky Dunk in  orange splash, usually I take whatever lip color I'm wearing that day. The small jar contains a tinted lip balm I made myself. Please leave a comment below if you would like to see a post about DIY tinted lip balm! Last but not the least, I got my head phone with it's case, I like to listen to musics or audiobooks when I commute. 

      Sometimes I take my phone charger if I know I'll stay out for a while, and I put it inside a smaller pouch before I put it in my transparent pouch. And, I sometimes take my laptop when I want to work outside, which actually fits the size of my bag. I also got tampons inside the built in zipped bag. One thing I wish I have in my bag but always forgot is tissue paper. 

What is something you always take with you when you go out? Keys, phone, and wallet are not included of course.


  1. I have several smaller ziplock bags with everyday necessities, makeup necessities and a brush.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Yes, it certainly is a good way to organize.


Thank you for your love!

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