Monday, August 17, 2015

Anti-aging Skincare Routine

      It is harder to eliminate wrinkles than to prevent fine lines. The best way to stay young is to start an anti-aging beauty regime before you really need it. And, for women, our skin and health condition starts to go downwards when we are at the age 25. So, I think it is the best time to start using product that can prevent aging. In this post, I'm introducing 3 skincare products I have been using to stay young.

      Let's start with using a toner. A toner is very important to retain your skin's moisture after you wash your face. And, the toner I am using is Sonya Aloe Refreshing Toner. This toner contains aloe and white tea extract to fully hydrate and refreshes the skin. I love how this is alcohol free, so it won'r irritate my sensitive skin. The white tea extract is also a great anti-aging ingredient to prevent free radical. You can simply pat on the toner or use a cotton pad to gently wipe your skin. 

      After applying the toner, I will use the Forever Epiblanc, a brightening gel. This product is aim for brightening the complexion and evening skin tone. It also help to diminish the appearance of dark spots. I think it is really important to have bright skin and even skin tone, no matter what skin color you are. Brighter skin can make you appear younger, healthier and more energetic. Nobody wants dull tired face, right? It is said on the packaging that it is sun sensitive, which most brightening products do. So, make sure you are wearing sun screen in the day.

      Then, I will apply a few drops of the Forever Alpha-E Factor, and this is the GOLD in this anti-aging routine. It is a facial oil that moisturize, help skin replenish, and smooth the skin. The main ingredient of the Alpha-E are Vitamin E, C, and A. These are great antioxidant that combats free radical damage, enhances elasticity, softens and moisturizes. This facial oil is very light, I have normal to oily skin, and I think it is perfectly fine. It is not greasy, not too heavy, and doesn't cause breakout. I use only 3 drops on my face, you can also add a few drops into your moisturizer to add some anti-aging benefit. 

      Last but not the least, eyes are one of the first areas that shows the sign of aging, so it is crucial to use an eye cream. I am using the Forever Alluring Eyes. A little goes a long way, I just use a pea sized amount for both of my lids. This eye cream is not greasy at all, doesn't affect your makeup, and it doesn't cause little white bumps. 

      These are all the products I am using for anti-aging. Let's all do our best to fight that free radical! Are you using any anti-aging skincare products?

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