Tuesday, August 11, 2015

HAUL: Planner Supply- Stamps

      If you have read my earlier post about my new Erin Condren Life Planner, you may know that I am very into planning and getting organized, now. After a couple of weeks of planning, I decided to get some supplies to help make planning more interesting, and help me organize things easier. I really like the idea of using stamps to decorate and organize. I love how stamps are reusable, and it doesn't add additional weight or thickness to the planner book.

      I got some planner supplies from two companies. The first one I want to talk about is the Tiny Stamps Big Plans from Etsy. I think Etsy is the go-to place for planner supplies. They have a lot of organizing stamps made for planner that are very helpful and functional.

      They are polymer stamps that use with an acrylic block, which makes it easier too see where you are stamping. All I have to do is to pick up the stamp I need to use and stick onto the acrylic block. The two materials can stick together easily without adhesive. I got a block in the size 4*4 to work with the stamps I bought from them.

      The first thing I got is the check list set. I have always wanted a check list stamp for my planner since I make to-do list everyday. This is the best check list set I can find on Etsy, and this is also the item that introduced me to this shop. And, I got some highlight stamps. If I want to highlight or emphasize anything, I can use this to create a colorful background.

      I also got a health stamp set to track anything health related things, like water in take, meal tracking, workout, etc. The best thing about this set is that is has a poo poo symbol! I love it! I thought nobody would make something like this. But, I think it is extremely important to track how often you go to the toilet. I just need to get this!

      Another stamp set I got is the fun symbols. This set includes small symbols that indicated different activities. I pick this because it contains most things I would do. Symbols like painting brush, shopping cart, washing machine, and air plane will definitely come in handy.

      Another shop I went to is Micia, it's a Taiwanese brand that sells a lot of different stamps and inks. I purchased online on Pinkoi, also a handmade/ creative store like Etsy. I got an ombre ink pad that comes with 5 different colors. I already own one with green and earthy ombre, I thought I would add this in the collection. I believe these colors are enough to match with the colorful theme of the EC Life Planner.

      I also got a ink pad in shimmery metallic colors, in silver, bronze, and rose gold. This combination looks so beautiful I have to get it! The metallic colors are perfect for decoration, and it will stand out more on darker colored background. I also got is a small memo stamp, I can write notes I want to emphasize inside this little box. It is not made for the EC Life Planner, but the size appear to be perfect for the side bar. I am very happy with it. 

      Hope you find this haul interesting. I can't wait to start planning with my new toys. Would you like to see how I use my planner? Please leave a comment!

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