Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Perfect Natural Looking Skin with UNT BB/ CC Cream

      I am a hoarder for foundation and other kinds of base makeup. Creating a flawless canvas is my favorite part of applying makeup. I went a little shopping online with UNT a couple of weeks ago. UNT is a very well known brand in Taiwan mostly sells online. UNT is famous for their nail polishes, so I was skeptical of their makeup range at first. But, after reading some reviews on their BB cream, I decided to give it a try. 

      The set I purchased comes with a BB cream, CC cream, and a buffering brush. You can also buy them separately. The BB cream is a tube with a pump on top. It is recommended to shake before use. And, I always start with a small amount then build up gradually. The BB cream is very easy to blend with the buffer brush that comes with the set. The finish is dewy and natural. It is very moisturizing but not oily at all. It is medium to full coverage. The makeup can last all day, my face still look fresh at the end of the day. But, I will need to blot my nose for hotter days.

      I used to apply BB cream with my hands only. But, since it comes with a brush, I would like to give the brush a try. I am surprised to find the brush very high quality. The hair of the brush is very soft and dense with zero fall out. A dense brush like this creates great coverage with the BB cream. 

      Another product I got is the CC cream. This is my very first time to use a CC cream, because I was always skeptical about it. However, I realized a CC cream is like a sheer version of BB cream. It creates light coverage, perfect for the days you have great skin but needs to even out the skin tone. This product is also scented. It is very moisturizing, but can be a little oily if applied too much. The product comes out white at first, but turns skin color after blending in. I apply it with my fingers because the coverage is really light, and I don't want to buffer any product away. 

      Makeup brands in Taiwan usually comes with a limited skin color selection. Most Taiwanese girls has similar light skin color. So, the BB cream only comes with two color, I am using the lightest. And, the CC cream only comes in one color.

What is your favorite BB or CC cream?

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