Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bold Matte Lips: CLIO Lipnicure Glass Review

CLIO Lipnicure Glass Review
      This summer, I have been hunting for bright and bold lip colors . And, now, I finally found my holly grail. I have always wanted to try the CLIO Lipnicure glass, and it didn't let me down. I first got the color coral, and soon after, I went and get the pink one as well. CLIO is a famous Korean drugstore makeup brand that makes a lot of colorful product. I am a fan of their gel pencil eyeliner. 
What the color looks like even after I blended with the applicator.
      I was hoping the coral will be more on an orange side, but it looks more red than orange. It is a perfect red lips for people with warmer skin tone. There are two hot pink colors in this range, I picked the one that is a bit lighter. The coral red color is in #8, and the hot pink one is #7. If you prefer more natural colors, they got some in their collection.

      The packaging is very special, it has a great quality acrylic container. The formula is liquid and applies as lip gloss. The curved shape felt tip fits the lips well, make it easier to even out the colors. The color is super opaque, it literally feel like painting the color onto your lips. 

      The color can last all day long, I don't even have to bring it with me for touch up. It's very moisturizing, and has a beautiful matte finish. But, some people may feel a bit dry after a couple of hours. In this case, a little bit of lip balm can save it. The color doesn't fade even if you blot it with a tissue, you can see some products transfer to the tissue paper, but the lips still looks fabulous. After meal, the color in the inner edge may fade a bit, but only if you lick and blot your lips a lot. I also love how the lipnicure glass doesn't bleed, the color stay where you apply it. 

      I can only think of two downsides of this product. First of all, it taste terrible, it taste like lotion, and it smells like NIVEA lotion. So, I always make sure not to get too much products into my mouth. Another downside is that the formula is quite liquidy, so it is easier to transfer colors on a coffee mug. If you are wearing this on a date, make sure you blot away any access products before hand. Or else, the bold bright color will surely transfer to your BF's lips!

Have you ever tried any Korean makeup product?

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