Monday, June 22, 2015

Beauty Ingredient: Deodorant

Beauty Ingredient Deodorant
      It is a little awkward to talk about body order and armpits. But, I think everybody can relate to this topic since its summer. Perfume can only add good smell but it cannot cancel bad smell. What we really need is a deodorant.  It is very important to use a deodorant when you go out, especially during summer when you will definitely sweat. We don't want to smell bad, and it could be very impolite to others as well. In this post, I am going to tell you what ingredient deodorant uses and how to choose a good one. 

      What we need is something to block out the odor, not something to stop us from sweating. Our body need to sweat in order to control the body temperature and to detoxify. It is a healthy and natural process of life. So, we shouldn't stop that from happening. We simply need the smell to go away. The easiest way to do so is to use something anti-bacteria, because it is when our sweat and heat and oxygen mix together and cause germs build up that creates an order. 

      A common ingredient you should avoid is Aluminum Salt. The primary purpose of it is to help block the sweat from escaping the pores. Also, there are studies that suggest it may cause breast cancer and increase the risk of Alzheimer disease. So, this ingredient is surely not so good to our health. 

      Another ingredient that is not so good is Triclosan. It is often found in deodorants and detergent to kill the bacteria. The anti-bacteria property of it is utilized to kill odor. However, Triclosan is proven to be very harmful to the environment and our health as well.
Natural Deodorant from The Honest Company
      For some fresh and natural deodorant, I recommend Natural Deodorant from The Honest Company. It's free of Aluminum, Trclosan and other harmful ingredient. Their product are also cruelty free. This deodorant come in spraying bottle, with 3 different scent to choose from. It doesn't clog pores, doesn't stain the clothes, and leave the armpit area fresh.

Lush Deodorants
      Lush also make great natural products. Their deodorants doesn't stop you from sweating but help balance perspiration to keep you smell fresh. They used to have only bar deodorants, but they recently came out with powder ones. I haven't try them yet, but I am looking forward to. I will definitely write a review about it. You can follow me on Bloglovin for updates! 

      Go check the ingredients of your deodorant! And, check other brand's ingredient when you go shopping. We should all shop carefully for products that we use everyday!

Do you know any natural deodorant that you recommend?


  1. My deodorant contains neither of the mentioned harmful ingredients (I have been very cautious with which I use of quite some time now). Have you ever tried those Salt Stick deodorants? Effective, gentle and no nasties.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. No, I haven't heard of it. I just looked it up and found Crystal Deodorant. Is this the one you are talking about? It looks pretty good!

  3. There are different ones from different brands, but they all look like a big crystal. yes.


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