Monday, June 8, 2015

The Outfits from My Fashion Stylist this Week

The Outfits from My Fashion Stylist this Week
      I think it would be fun to show you what got me for this week. If you haven't read My Favorite Fashion Websites , Stylit is a website that creates different outfits for you every week, based on your preference. I like most of the outfits they have for me, I can rate them for the stylist to get a better idea of what I like. And, I pin my 5 star look on my fashion pinterest board. When I go shopping next time, these will be awesome resources. I can even shop straight from the links they offer. 

      I really love this idea of having a personal stylist for FREE! I will show you all the styles I got, and how I rate them.

      This outfit is very chic. I really like the flat, the cut-off design looks really sexy. However, the colors are too dark, I prefer lighter or brighter colors. 

       This look is very casual with cute accessories like the sun glasses. I rate this 5 stars because of the pink draping top. But, this is not my favorite look. 

       This outfit is too casual. I sometimes wear casual clothes, but I don't like them very much. So, in order to let the stylist know that this is too casual for my test, I rate it 3 stars. 

       This outfit is romantic and sweet, a style I absolutely love. It think this flirty look is perfect for a date. I love everything from the dress, the shoes, the bag, and the jewelries. 

       This is the kind of casual look I like. I would wear this outfit a lot. A colorful top, simple jeans, and play it up with a pair of wedges. 

      This look is nice, though I would prefer the colors to be brighter. But the style is nice, I can easily find something similar with brighter colors.  The dress is cute and casual, I may pair leggings underneath, so I can move easier. 

      Hope you find this interesting. Make sure you check out if you would like to have a personal stylist. You would need to answer some questions, and then you will receive weekly suggestions for fashion. And, please check out my pinterest page for more things I pinned.  

Which look is you favorite?


  1. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award:

    Kayleigh x

  2. That's the point of Stylist. It shows different styles for different people.


Thank you for your love!

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