Sunday, June 14, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Girl on the Trains by Paula Hawkins

      I just finished this book called "The Girl on the Train". I saw the book review video from Essie Button, and I thought this book is quite interesting. She said this is quite a page turner, she just can't wait to get to the end. Since I am a slow reader, it would take me too long to get to the end, so I decided to get the audio version. If you haven't read this yet, keep reading to see if this is something you would like. If you have read it, feel free to discuss with me in the comment!
      This book is in the mystery and thriller genre, but it is not scary at all. This book is written in 3 people's perspective. The main character, Rachel, is the girl on the train. She takes the same train everyday, and she starts to notice a family close to the railway. She began to observe them, which is a bit creepy. Later on, something happened to that family, and she wants to help solve the mystery.

      Rachel is not a charming heroin. She is actually a jobless alcoholic who often blackouts and forget whatever mess she had done. That pisses off her friend and family a lot, she is very sorry about her behavior. I feel sorry for her, too.

      I think the point of this book is that everybody have some darkside people can't see. We might think a person is very decent, but that person is actually having an affair, or having a violent issue. Even those we are close to may have a dark secret we don't know. This makes me think that we should be very careful about who we hang out with.

      The ending is not something I have expected, it took me completely on surprise. I really like the storyline, and how it slowly reveals the secret through different person's perspective.

      I really like the Audible version of this book, the narrators did a great job. If you are considering getting the audio version, you can preview and see if you like the narrator. I often option for Ebook or paper book if I can't stand the narrator. The links are not affiliate links, I recommend Audible and Kindle a lot simply because I love them and use them all the time. Although I do think it's a good idea to join the affiliate. 

Have you read this book? Would you help investigate if you were Rachel? Or, would you be scared that you might put yourself in trouble?


  1. I'm planning to read this book this weekend! :)

    xxx, Ruth

  2. Awsome! Hope you'll like it! Are you getting it in paper books? Or, do you like to read with Ebooks and audio books?

  3. I actually have it on ebook version. :)

  4. I was thinking of reading this book too! Heard great things about it, I'll probably try the audio version if you recommend it!

  5. Awesome! I would love to hear your thoughts after you read it!


Thank you for your love!

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